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Jay Suites Rolls Out Three New York Virtual Office Plans

NEW YORK-For all those who believe keeping pace with rapid globalization is an unavoidable challenge for local small business owners, Jay Suites is setting out to prove you wrong—in a good way.

Indeed, Jay Suites is working to show small businesses that they can compete with multinational firms on the international scene without the burden of raising hundreds of thousands of dollars of capital for traditional office space.

How will Jay Suites prove its point? With three New York virtual office space plans that let small businesses establish a larger corporate footprint without the excessive overhead. Jay Suites offers tiered virtual identity plans starting at less than $100 a month.

Juda Srour, president of Jay Suites, answered some real questions from curious clients and loyal readers interested in learning more about Jay Suites’ Virtual Offices.

From a cost perspective, a virtual office is one of the only options for my company to establish a presence in New York, although we are based in Florida. I am concerned that clients will realize we do not have a private, dedicated office space. How you make sure this doesn’t happen?

Srour: First of all, there is no difference in terms of signage and exposure for our full-time office tenants and our virtual clients. All of our clients, regardless of plan type, receive a lobby listing in the building lobby and have private mail box facilities and identical access arrangements, so from the outside, a virtual tenant is indistinguishable from a full-time office rental.

In addition, when calls are received or clients drop in unannounced, our staff ensures that no details of your arrangement with us are openly discussed, and the situation is handled as if you have simply stepped out of the office. With conference room rentals, the same professional code applies in terms of how we interact with you, your staff, and clients. Our service levels are far superior to what you are accustomed to, which, combined with the elegance of our décor and luxurious surroundings, we’re positive your clients will be too impressed to dig into the details.

I am in the process of opening a Web-based business and want to use a virtual office plan for receiving mail and calls, and occasional conference room use. Since I do not have an established company yet, how can I go about doing this?

Srour: The easiest thing for you to do is come preview the location you are most interested in, discuss your goals and business structure with our on-site manager, and determine which plan best fits your needs. Jay Suites’ locations offer virtual plans for individuals, small businesses, and global organizations—no matter how small or preliminary you feel your business is, we provide customized services and individual attention to each and every client, every single time. This is something I stress to my managers, who in turn make sure all of our employees realize that we want everyone to feel as respected as the most powerful CEO.

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