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Alliance Virtual Offices Readies Accounting Services

LOS ANGELES–Alliance Virtual Offices is committed to providing a complete virtual office space for its customers—and that means service-oriented bells and whistles.

With that in mind, and just in time for tax season, Alliance Virtual Office is readying to launch a new virtual accounting service in the United States that aims to change the way mobile workers and entrepreneurs do business.

Specifically, Alliance Virtual Office is partnering with ISN Corporation, a major national services provider, to offer accounting services to existing and new clients. ISN is a solid provider. Founded in 1980, the company is well-known for providing technology-driven solutions to agencies and commercial clients alike.

“We are extremely excited about this accounting services product launch, as we see it as yet another way to add immense value to our growing industry,” says ABCN Chairman Frank Cottle. “It is our mission to show the world that the virtual office is, in fact, as valuable as the traditional, full-time office—if not more so.”

Why is Alliance Virtual Offices rolling out this supportive service now? Well, research shows that businesses are traditionally very loyal to their accountants. Alliance Virtual Offices views this new product as a strategic way to improve customer loyalty.

Alliance Virtual Offices new accounting services will let virtual office users tap into certified, professional, U.S.-based resources to close the books each month. Alliance Virtual Offices is offering a variety of plan options with price points starting at $595 monthly.

In case you aren’t familiar with Alliance Virtual Offices, the company provides premium virtual office solutions and meeting rooms for companies all over the world. Alliance Virtual Offices has more than 3,000 meeting rooms and more than 600 locations around the world.

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