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Alliance Virtual Offices Adds 35 New Int’l Locations

LOS ANGELES-Alliance Virtual Offices is showing why it’s a force to be reckoned with in the virtual office space industry. The company has launched 35 new virtual office locations in cities around the world in 2011.

Alliance Virtual Offices was birthed with a concept to offer the virtual office industry’s highest quality services and amenities at market competitive prices. The company targets mobile professionals with a suite of products and services that help drive productivity and efficiency while slashing overhead costs.

Specifically, Alliance Virtual Offices services include Live Receptionists, address and meeting room services and communication systems that empower users to cut traditional office costs and waste without sacrificing professionalism.

Frank Cottle, Chairman of Alliance Virtual Offices, says the addition of the 35 new locations better enables the company to service its current clientele and attract more new clients based on convenient locations and impressive addresses.

“We also believe that the relevance of the virtual office in today’s economically and environmentally conscientious society is undeniable,” Cottle says. “As the modern, mobile workforce continues to seek out more efficient, technological solutions to its business needs, the significance of the virtual office only continues to expand, and Alliance is a leader in providing solutions to both members and clients.”

With the addition of 35 new locations, Alliance Virtual Offices now has more than 600 virtual office addresses—and prices start at $50 a month.

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