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Web Designers Launch Unique Coworking Office Space in Asheville

ASHEVILLE, NC – Asheville is vying to become a startup hot spot and has made significant strides toward that entrepreneurial goal. One of the latest developments comes in the form of coworking office space.

TopFloorStudio just opened the doors to coworking space in Downtown Asheville. The goal is to provide an affordable office space for businesses and freelancers to work and share synergy.

Noteworthy is the fact that it’s not a real estate mogul launching this new alternative office space concept. It’s a group of web designers and mobile architects.

“TopFloorStudio has always been a collaborative environment and we feel that by building an environment that fosters community, everyone will benefit,” says Ty Hallock, CEO of TopFloorStudio, which was founded in 2003 and boasts Fortune 500 companies as clients.

TopFloorStudio is located at 9 W. Walnut Street in Asheville. Hallock believes Walnut Street provides the perfect environment. Located above Scully’s, the designers have organized a warm, inviting loft that aims to make tenants feel at home while they stay in the mix of downtown.

Of course, TopFloorStudio is hardly the only coworking facility in Asheville. Another brand, Mojo Coworking, has been doing well in the area. In fact, Mojo Coworking appears to be dominating the Ashville coworking office space scene. Mojo Coworking promises to plug members in to the energy of collaboration, inspiration and ideas that inspire members to be their best – socially, creatively, entrepreneurially, consciously, joyfully.

“Mojo Coworking is where Asheville and Western North Carolina plug in to social, creative and entrepreneurial energy,” says Craig McAnsh, founder of Mojo Coworking. “Asheville is a rapidly growing haven for entrepreneurs and creative class workers seeking to locate their startup amidst the beauty and quality lifestyle of the Blue Ridge Mountains.”

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