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Venture X Takes Coworking Office Space to Next Level

NAPLES, FL – Venture X. It may sound more like a movie or even a nightclub than office space. Then again, it’s not your traditional office space. In fact, Venture X’s founder is positioning it as Coworking 2.0.

Venture X is indeed a trendsetting coworking office space venue in Naples – and it’s just about to get trendier. The alternative workspace is undergoing a massive renovation to accommodate the needs of Southwest startups.

“We have radically redesigned the office in strides to keep up with the ever evolving way people work; providing companies and independent professionals with more ideal work and social environments,” says Venture X co-founder Brett Diamond. The office remodeling is expected to be completed by the end of August 2013.

The new layout will incorporate more enclosed work spaces for small teams, private glass walled offices, the ‘West Village,’ and the more upscale Founder’s Lounge, which is in tune with regal Olde Naples tastes. At the same time, die hard
coworking fans and the next generation of tech superstars will still feel at home with modern social working areas and the caffeinated heart of the vibrant office – Café X.

Despite the upgrade, community curator Amanda Custodio says there are still pricing plans that work for all sized budgets – and there’s still a strong mix of hipsters crafting new code, hardworking entrepreneurs launching exciting startups and serious high end professionals with boutique businesses.

Tim Houghten, co-founder of the entrepreneurial G-Code Magazine, a Venture X startup which has already hired a handful of part time staff since going live last month says, “Coworking office spaces bring money into the local economy, attract global investment dollars, boost a city’s competitive edge and visibility, and could well be indicators of where the most growth will be ahead.”

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