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Urbis Executive Suites Makes Mark on Miami

MIAMI-Urbis. Would an executive office suite by any other name be so unique? Urbis Executive Suites is a well known brand in South Florida.

The company is on a mission to empower its customers’ creativity and performance by providing the most flexible and hassle free work office environment. Of course, that’s a strong statement. But Urbis Executive Suites does offer fully serviced office space and virtual office space with no long-term leases, no staffing hassles, and no capital commitments. Urbis also promises a modern, professional setting and state-of-the-art systems and technology.

“Our Full Office Program provides an immediate turnkey office solution designed in a milieu of high-tech features and tailored services. The Full Office Program provides your business with the ideal mix of infrastructure, people and technology in a work environment thought to perform,” the web site says.

“Either for short-term or long-term use, the Full Office Program provides the flexibility of customizing your workspace and service package to suit your needs. In short, what we do is to enable your creativity and performance in a cost effective way.”

Right now, Urbis Executive Suites is offering what it calls the “Manager’s Special.” For $495  month, you can get a furnished office space and tap into the services a la carte. Virtual offices go for as little as $69 a month and up to $269 a month. For a limited time, you can get one month of free virtual office space. The top plan also comes with 40 hours of private office time during the month.

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