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TouchdownSpace Targets Mobile Workers With Alternative Office Space

WASHINGTON, DC – Looking for a flexible Washington, D.C. office space where you can touch down – and take back off – in a hurry? Whether you are a traveling businessperson, a mobile worker or a start-up looking for a quiet place to think, TouchdownSpace may be the place for you.

TouchdownSpace is a technology startup that promises the ultimate in flexible, mobile, on-demand professional office space. You can book your space via a smartphone app or online at 65 locations in the Washington, D.C. metro market. You can choose from private offices, open workstations, meeting and boardrooms and business lounges – all with premier office addresses.

“We are on a mission to help people work better,” says CEO and co-founder, Caleb Parker. “The nature of work is changing. More people are working outside of the office than ever before. The old real estate model of high rent and lengthy lease terms must change too. It just doesn’t make sense to pay high rent on a space you’re not in all the time.”

Caleb’s reasoning hits the alternative office space nail on the head – and so does TouchdownSpace. With TouchdownSpace, mobile workers and entrepreneurs are set free from expensive leases so they can invest in their bright ideas. You can reserve space by the day or by the hour.

If it seems like TouchdownSpace came out of nowhere, it sort of did – and it’s not working alone. The alternative office space concept has partnered with business center operators like Carr Workplaces, AdvantEdge Business Centers, Intelligent Office, and others, to aggregate their available workspaces and offer them on-demand to TouchdownSpace members.

TouchdownSpace’s market timing is right. The launch comes against the backdrop of a meteoric rise in mobile workers and telecommuters. Indeed, mobile technologies are driving the use of alternative office space and flexible work schedules. TouchdownSpace helps companies use flexible working as a recruiting tool while downsizing their physical office and carbon footprint. The result: winning top talent and reducing costs.

TouchdownSpace has tapped into brilliance. Instead of building out a physical infrastructure, the company is building a network similar to Davinci Virtual’s model. With an easy to use website and a growing mobile worker workforce, expect to see more innovative business models like TouchdownSpace.

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