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Office Nomads Operates in True Coworking Spirit

Individuality without isolation. That’s the coworking battle cry of Office Nomads in Seattle. I accidentally stumbled upon this coworking office space while scouting around for new executive office suites projects in Seattle.

Office Nomad’s approach has gotten the attention of media from CNN to the Wall Street Journal and beyond. So I just had to find out what all the hoopla was about.

Office Nomads is located in Capitol Hill, Seattle. The company works to “cultivate a dynamic, creative and productive community office for Seattle’s nomadic workforce.” Office Nomads caters to developers, telecommuters, planners, consultants, publishers, organizers and students to believe people can get more done together than by working alone.

The feel I get from Office Nomads is that they really aren’t in this just to rent some desks. This open office space is designed to spark collaboration and communication between its users. It’s a vast departure from cubicle-land where fellow entrepreneurs really become coworkers. At Office Nomads, it’s about the people.

Office Nomads also takes a unique approach to pricing and memberships. If you just want an occasional pit stop, you can opt for the Basic plan. That gets you three days of coworking office space a month for just $50. A Part-Time plan was designed for people who need a coworking space five to 15 days a month. Prices range from $75 a month to $225 a month. If you want to be a full-time Resident, you’ll get 24/7 access for $475 a month. Yes, you could probably rent an executive office space for the same amount or maybe even less. But you don’t get the spirit of coworking. That’s the whole point!

I like the spirit of Office Nomads. You can bring your dog, for one thing. Another thing is this Seattle coworking facility doesn’t have an overly aggressive competitive spirit. They even link to other coworking office spaces around Seattle. Apparently, some of the coworking facilities in those parts have banded together to create what they call a Coworking Visa Program. That means you can drop into member coworking facilities.

Want to learn more about Office Nomads? They offer plenty of photos of the coworking facility, as well as video tours on the web site. This is one of the most impressive coworking facilities I’ve covered. The spirit of collaboration and cooperation is evident there, so if that’s your heart this is a good place for you to land.