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NextSpace Opens Coworking Office Space in San Francisco’s Mid-Market

SAN FRANCISCO – NextSpace is a shining star in the coworking office space world. The alternative workspace brand just opened its sixth location in San Francisco.

Specifically, NextSpace will open coworking office space in the Mid-Market area of San Francisco. Located at 1 Hallidie Plaza, NextSpace Union Square spans more than 7,700 square feet and can serve as alternative workspace for more than 200 people.

“At a time where there is no shortage of job openings in the Bay area, there is greater demand for independent contractors, freelancers and other professionals who require a comfortable, professional place to drop in between appointments, work full or part time and hold meetings,” says Jeremy Neuner, CEO and co-founder of NextSpace. “As the ‘workspace-as-a-service’ industry gains steam, we can’t imagine a better time to offer an environment to those executives seeking a comfortable, linked-in area to get the job done.”

NextSpace is playing a key role in the coworking office space revolution. The company is four years old and has emerged as the largest coworking community in the world, with 800 members, 600 companies and 200 individuals. So successful is NextSpace that the Global Workspace Association (GWA) recently named Neuner to its board.

The GWA reports a dramatic shift in the world of work in the past decade and points to several factors that have set traditional office space on a new course to meet the changing needs of a modern workforce. Those needs include being untethered, the push for more work-life balance, and leveraging under-utilized real estate. The end result of this movement is higher productivity, better quality of life, lower costs and less impact on the environment.

NextSpace is pushing that movement forward with its collaborative coworking communities. Indeed, NextSpace is not your ordinary coworking office space. NextSpace employs what it calls community curators to facilitate introductions between companies and individuals. The idea is to spark a community-based atmosphere.

“At NextSpace, I can find people with complementary skills and talents that I need to make my business more successful,” says Spencer Lindsay, founder of Lindsay Digital, a company that does 3D digital modeling for architects, museums, and video game developers. Lindsay, who often works from NextSpace’s locations in Santa Cruz, San Jose, and San Francisco, says that “having access to web designers, mobile app developers, bookkeepers and attorneys is a key part of the NextSpace experience.”

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