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Navitor Teams With CoCo For Designer-Focused Coworking Office Space

MINNEAPOLIS – What do you get when you combine “free” with “coworking”? A new program aimed at the unique needs of graphic designers.

CoCo coworking and collaborative space and Navitor have teamed up to launch Design Works Studio, a free coworking program just for freelance graphic artists.

Here’s the deal: Dubbed a Design Works Studio, CoCo and Navitor are offering freelance designers a no-cost opportunity to get on the coworking train. Specifically, Design Works Studio is offering designers a state-of-the-art studio in the middle of CoCo coworking space. The first two Design Work Studios are being opened at CoCo in Minneapolis and St. Paul. Navitor hopes to expand the concept into coworking spaces nationwide.

“Our freelance design customers tell us that, like any small business, one of their biggest challenges is lack of time and resources,” says George McGowan, CoCo member and senior vice president of Marketing at Navitor. “We want to find new ways to help our customers grow. Enabling them to participate in the coworking movement, connect with prospective clients and collaborate with other creative professionals is a great way for us to help their businesses grow and succeed.”

As Design Works Studio members, graphic designers will have access to special amenities, including: a large monitor to connect their laptop; Wi-Fi internet access; access to a high-quality printer; a designer’s reference library; access to professional meeting facilities to host client presentation; and a P.O. Box for their business. Not bad for free!

What’s more, the Design Works Studio will connect designers to potential clients within the CoCo community and beyond. Navitor will actively promote Design Works members to its larger network of customers and employees. Design Works members will be invited to exclusive networking and social events.

“Launching Design Works Studio is a great development for our community,” says Kyle Coolbroth a founding partner at CoCo. “Many of our members need the help of good designers to build their own brands. Also, we have had a lot of interest in CoCo from the local design community and the Design Works Studio program eliminates the barriers they’ve had to joining.”

So how is this free? Good question. Navitor must be funding it, though the financial terms of the deal were not disclosed. Navitor’s unstated motive is clearly to drive business through its doors. See, Navitor is a trade only commercial printer that provides products to a network of print resellers throughout North America. So you can safely say that Navitor has a vested interest in its good will.

Officially, this design studio coworking program at CoCo is one benefit of Navitor’s Design Works membership program launching in early 2013 with the goal of enabling freelance and independent designers to grow and manage their business while still focusing their time and passion on their craft. Additional benefits will include access to color, print and production expertise at Navitor, exclusive training and education programs as well as exclusive offers on world-class design resources, software and products from Navitor’s partners.

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