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Innovative San Francisco Cowoking Office Space Model Sees Rapid Growth

SAN FRANCISCO – The concept of an “open innovation campus,” complete with coworking office space, is gaining momentum in San Francisco. RocketSpace is leasing an additional 26,190 square feet of space in the California city.

Located at 225 Bush Street, the new digs will become the home of the RocketSpace Accelerator program as it continues to expand its presence in San Francisco. RocketSpace is growing rapidly, recently leasing 48,000 square feet of office space at 180 Sansome Street. The alternative workspace provider also has plans to lease additional floors in the building to create what it calls a “stock exchange of tech.”

“Our investment in this stretch of Sansome Street – which we affectionately call ‘SanSoMa’ – reflects our continued shift to a campus model,” says Duncan Logan, founder and CEO at RocketSpace. “Our vision for the innovation campus includes multiple locations, and the need to expand in San Francisco is testimony to the success of the 400 plus technology startups that are a part of the RocketSpace community as well as the growth of our Corporate Innovation Program.”

The Sansome location is known as RocketSpace Suites and is located a block away from 225 Bush. At this facility, larger companies will leverage flexibility of the alternative workspace model and the benefits of being embedded in a technology-only community, with greater privacy.

TriNet, a cloud-based HR partner for small businesses and a partner in RocketSpace’s Ground Support program, is one of the first new members to join RocketSpace Suites.

“TriNet serves some of the most innovative companies in the world,” says Burton Goldfield, president and CEO at TriNet. “When we chose to expand in San Francisco, we quickly realized that launching an office at RocketSpace will provide us with more than just a workspace. It will allow us to work amongst and learn from the brightest minds in the industry, so we can gain perspective on upcoming technology trends to better serve our clients.”

The new campus is home to RocketSpace Accelerator program for seed-funded technology startups. Benefits of the program include coworking office space facilities, access to speakers and events, developer bootcamps and education classes via RocketU, mentorship programs and startup service providers including Orrick, MitchelLake, Silicon Valley Bank and Amazon. The program also promises to help connect startups to the leading angels and venture capital firms in the Silicon Valley as well as government and corporate incubator programs who are helping to build the technology economy.

“RocketSpace has been instrumental in helping ChatID establish a West Coast presence and continues to help us foster relationships with the world’s largest brands and retailers,” says Brandon Barron, business development director at ChatID. “It has been exciting to watch RocketSpace grow and we are excited to keep riding the wave. Although the current office will be missed, we can’t wait to check out the new location.”

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