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Geekdom Becomes Largest Coworking Office Space in Texas

SAN ANTONIO – Geekdom is proving that it has some coworking muscle all of its own. A year after launching, the San Antonio office space – a place where entrepreneurs, technologists, developers, and creative professionals work together to build business in the Alamo City, has plenty to brag about.

For starters, Geekdom is the largest collaborative coworking office space in the state of Texas. Geekdom has 500 members and 45,000 square feet of space. At that count, the coworking office space has surpassed like-minded workspaces in both Austin and Houston. (Be sure to follow Geekdom on Twitter.)

“We offer a space for the country’s brightest entrepreneurs to connect, work, and grow. Our focus since day one has been simple: to attract talented startup companies to San Antonio with a dynamic space that offers them an opportunity to think and work creatively with the freedom to explore their business ideas with likeminded companies and mentors,” says Nick Longo, Mentor-in-Chief and executive director of Geekdom.

“In this way we can stimulate two things: San Antonio’s economic engine and driven entrepreneurs that will create up to 40 percent of all new jobs over the next 20 years.”

Longo says Geekdom has given birth to more than 50 startup companies in the past 12 months. The coworking facility now spans three floors of the Weston Centre, downtown’s tallest office building, and has played a significant role in the urbanization of San Antonio’s city center.

How did Geekdom do it? With an emphasis on community and education.

Geekdom reports that is also now ranks among the largest collaborative coworking spaces in the United States. And would you believe that the coworking outfit did all of this without spending a penny on advertising? Geekdom relied solely on word-of-mouth marketing to achieve these milestones.

Longo attributes much of Geekdom’s amazing growth to its 220 tech events and learning programs over the past year such as SparkEd, a program that works with 30 middle schools every weekend to engage children and teach them how to build a robot, write the code for it, and market and sell it over one weekend.

“We are keen to the fact that growth cannot happen without education,” says Longo. “Any business leader worth his or her salt will tell you that learning is a constant process. That is why Geekdom also offers members an opportunity to learn through a diverse set of programs that includes 3-Day Startup and TechStars Cloud. Startups that truly inspire Geekdom founders are also awarded $25,000 in funding. So far, 7 deserving young companies have received funding from Geekdom in 2012.”

Geekdom co-founder and Rackspace Hosting Chairman, Graham Weston echoed Longo’s commitment to entrepreneurs and startup companies.

“Geekdom has become a pioneer in San Antonio. We’ve created a place for entrepreneurs to inject themselves into a true ecosystem on which they can thrive and take advantage of a powerful network of influencers,” Weston says.

“We want to make San Antonio the ‘Cloud Capital of the World.’ Having a thriving startup community is the foundation of that ecosystem. Our mission to take promising ideas and turn them into fundable ideas is becoming reality faster than any of us could have hoped.”

Geekdom has equipped its coworking facility with the latest high-tech bells and whistles, including video and sound studio for entrepreneurs to use for online and offline productions, as well as a Maker Lab for robotics and circuit work. Now, Geekdom is building what it calls the Open Cloud Academy, which will be used to instruct and certify military veterans and the public to become System Administrators and in coding languages like Ruby and Python.

“The first year of Geekdom has helped transform the startup scene in South Texas,” says Longo. “Our goal to energize the entrepreneurial and tech community is no longer a goal, it’s a reality. 2013 will be built on the back of the momentum 2012 brought us. We invite all interested entrepreneurs, startup companies, and students to experience the vibrancy of Geekdom. It’s why we’re here.”

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