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Five Ways to Have More Fun (and Flexibility) in the Office

NEW YORK – Companies like Google have built a reputation for making the office fun, installing games rooms, giant slides, and help-yourself food and drink. More manageable for most companies is to introduce chill-out areas, on-site cafes and good coffee to boost the employee feel-good factor.

We don’t usually see game rooms or giant slides in executive office suites, but more business centers are offering help-yourself food and drink (or at least coffee and water) and chill-out areas. Is this a factor when you choose office space? Should it be? Or are there other ways to make the office more fun?

Regus, the world’s largest executive office suites provider, recently published a study that included five ways to make your workplace more fun. So whether you work from a virtual office, executive office suites, coworking facilities or the traditional office space, check out these tips and implement what makes sense for your corporate culture.

  1. Global sporting events such as the 2014 FIFA World Cup are an opportunity to encourage socializing. Here’s’s advice: With football season getting started, why not have a fantasy football league competition with your employees? It’s less risky than an office betting pool and way more fun.
  2. What if you work in a virtual office or have a remote workforce? You can still have fun. Indeed, informal activities can be virtual as well as face-to-face. If your staff are dispersed, they may not be able to play five-a-side football or karaoke in person, so explore the possibilities for doing so via an app. Here’s a tip from Have all of your remote workers send in a photo of their workspace. This is fun and helps build team camaraderie.
  3. Think about office design. Not every workplace needs a giant slide, but a cafe area with free tea or coffee, or ping pong, encourages people to mix. Here’s a suggestion from Most executive office suites providers do have a kitchen and break room area. And some are getting more creative than that. If you are a long-term tenant of an executive office suites provider, ask them how they can add some fun to the mix, whether it’s ping pong or some other fun idea that will drive networking opportunities in the business center.
  4. Measure performance by output rather than hours at the desk, so people are not forced to stay in the office until after the boss has left. Here’s some insight from If you haven’t heard of the Results Only Workplace model, check it out. You can type the term into Google and get a world of information. This may be something worthy of adopting, depending on your corporate culture and goals.
  5. Introduce flexible working practices such as choice over where and when people work. People are happier if they work at a time and place that suits the rest of their life. Here’s advice from You could allow employees to work from a virtual office once a month or even once a week. You may be surprised what this could do for morale – and productivity.

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