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Coworking Wiki Serves as Coworking Office Space Resource

MIAMI – In an ever-innovative coworking office space industry, yet another bright idea has emerged: Coworking Wiki. It’s kind of like Wikipedia but for all things coworking.

Coworking Wiki is a free, community-owned and operated web tool that aims to help coworking office space catalysts and operators create, develop and manage their spaces. The wiki also offers information to coworkers (and would-be coworkers) about the benefits and opportunities of this alternative workspace model.

Coworking Wiki isn’t exactly new. A volunteer-only staff has been moderating the wiki for a few years. Now, there’s an effort underway to take it to the next level. It’s called “the upgrade project.”

Here’s the backstory: Jacob Sayles and Chelsea McClain of Office Nomads in Seattle began working on a way to fix the existing problems on the site while and looking for ways to keep up the maintenance.

They put together a team with three goals: improved organization, layout, and usability. Going forward, the pages will have clearly defined headings. Broader topics will be broken down into subgroups.

Meanwhile, programs like Coworking Visa and services like Cowoop demonstrate how coworking challenges competitive models of doing business. The wiki can also help increase and encourage collaboration between spaces while showcasing thier best work.

Would-be coworkers can provide coworking testimonials, news reports, directories and study data on the wiki while would-be operators can find a “getting started” guide, complete with advice on how to gauge interest for a new coworking space in their communities and tips on marketing and fundraising.

If you are a coworking operator or are looking for coworking space, go check it out for yourself. There’s endless information to dig through.

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