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Coworking Trends Hits Big in Boulder

BOULDER, CO – Coworking office space users of Boulder are getting ready to unite and take over. Well, sort of.

It may seem like an odd place for coworking to take off – Boulder isn’t exactly New York City or San Francisco – but Boulder is nevertheless seeing a surge of interest in the alternative workspace.

In case you still aren’t familiar with coworking, the alternative office space model is built on communities of creative and entrepreneurial individuals who collaborate and work alongside one another.

Boulder is the backdrop for what organizers are calling Boulder Coworking Week, which runs from February 4-8. Boulder Coworking Week aims to showcase and celebrate the benefits of shared work environments.

Specifically, Boulder Coworking Week will feature free events highlighting Boulder’s unique coworking spaces, including a Caffeine Crawl, happy hours, and a closing ceremony at PressPlay with prizes and other giveaways.

“The number of coworking spaces in the world in the past two years has grown 245 percent,” says Bruce Borowsky, cofounder of Boulder Digital Arts. “Boulder is at the forefront of the coworking revolution, helping startups, entrepreneurs and creative people to reach their true potential.”

The event is sponsored by Spaces-Boulder Coworking Alliance, a collaboration of six Boulder coworking spaces: Boulder Digital Arts, Colab, Co-Motion, Fuse, Hub and Scrib.

Over the course of the week they will be hosting free events of all shapes and sizes. These events will range from the educational to the inspiring, to the flat out silly. In addition to events at the spaces they will have designated lunch spots and happy hour spots – perfect for networking and afternoon frolicking.

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