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Coworking Office Space Trend Makes it Way to Lafayette

LAFAYETTE, IND. – Coworking is making its way across the nation, and is finally landing in Lafayette, Indiana. Plans are in the works to bring a 10,000-square foot coworking office space to Lafayette – and the support is deep and wide. Though it does not yet have an official name, Greater Lafayette Coworking opens in the fall of 2013.

Coworking office space brings together a community of people who independently and collaboratively pursue creative concepts and activities, share facility space and benefit from access to and interaction with others interested in new ideas and entrepreneurialism.

Jason Tennenhouse, a Purdue industrial design graduate, entrepreneur and West Lafayette resident, is on tap to develop a design and strategy for the coworking office space.

“I believe place-making leads to relationships, those relationships lead to ideas, and when those ideas begin to have impact, they can make a real difference in our community,” Tennenhouse says. “I’m eager to work alongside the visionaries supporting a startup culture throughout Greater Lafayette, and this project itself already exemplifies a spirit of entrepreneurship and collaboration.”

Coworking office space will be configured similarly to successful coworking facilities in other parts of the country. Early plans call for a large, open area that’s conducive for working as well as interactions and exchanges. Dedicated desks and small offices are also part of the agenda.

“The ideas, the brains to develop them, and today’s creative class are all right here in our community. They’re ready for the opportunity to explore, develop, expand and launch innovations,” says Tony Roswarski, mayor of Lafayette. “I believe facilitating creation of this coworking community and a dynamic space where the creative class can come together will lead to hugely successful homegrown ventures.”

The group planning Greater Lafayette’s coworking community includes representatives from the City of Lafayette, the Greater Lafayette Commerce, Purdue University and Purdue Research Foundation, Tippecanoe County Public Library, and Lafayettech.

“Coworking is a unique concept that generates bold ideas and helps to bring them to fruition in a community of collaboration. It’s an environment where one idea sparks another, then another and another. Before long, the synergy of brainstorming and asking ‘What if?’ and ‘How about this?’ lead to unique, do-able new ventures and solutions,” says Dennis Carson, director of economic development for the City of Lafayette.

“And with this, we have another link in the chain from those that are now working from home, coffee shops, labs, dorm rooms and the like, giving them an option for working space. After they grow they can move to facilities within the community or places like the Purdue Research Park.”

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