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Convio Opens Green Nonprofit Executive Center in D.C.

Convio opened the doors to a new office space and nonprofit executive center in  Washington, D.C. this week. Convio’s new facility will serve both as the home for Convio’s D.C.-based team members and a hub for meetings, training sessions, meet-ups and other networking opportunities that help nonprofit professionals in the region share ideas, insights and innovations and build relationships.

Convio’s news isn’t surprising. The company has long expressed its passion for helping nonprofit organizations use software and services to fulfill their missions. What is surprising is the green twist. Convio boasts an open, eco-friendly environment at its newest location, which offers 4,000 square feet of meeting and training space, video conferencing capabilities and conference rooms for smaller gatherings between Convio and nonprofit professionals.

“We are thrilled about expanding our presence in Washington and the ability to use this facility to give back to our clients and the larger nonprofit community,” says Convio CEO Gene Austin. “This new facility offers nonprofit professionals a special opportunity to come together, share ideas and innovation.”

Sustainable Office Space
Let’s look a little more closely at the sustainable design. The green trend has certainly made its way to office spaces across the country, and Convio is proving its commitment to the environment – and to providing a healthy and productive workplace for team members and guests – with its latest project. Convio worked with OTJ Architects and Hitt Contracting to create an office space focused on sustainability.

It all began by selecting an office location in a Washington, D.C. building that earned the U.S.
Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA’s) prestigious Energy Star rating. Energy Star is the national symbol for superior energy efficiency and environmental protection. But Convio didn’t stop there. The company also implemented numerous green design elements.

When you visit Convio’s D.C. office space you’ll be greeted with eco-friendly features such as natural lighting. All team members have access to natural light from at least three sides of the building. The furniture is also eco-friendly. All the workstations don Herman Miller interiors. These interiors are designed according to Herman Miller’s cradle-to-cradle protocol and GREENGUARD certification. The D.C. offices also feature carpet that’s certified by the Carpet and Rug Institute’s Green Label Plus certification for volatile organic compound emissions.

“Convio is to be commended for their work in not only creating an environment that will help facilitate community participation and engagement, but for taking a leadership role in green practices,” says Page Oelschig, LEED AP for OTJ Architects. “The company and their customers also benefited greatly from Convio’s strong financial position and their ability to invest in this expansion during the current economic situation. They have a state-of-the-art, green facility for pennies on the dollar compared to similar build outs prior to the recession.”

Get Acquainted with Convio

For those of you who might not be familiar with Convio, the company provides online marketing, fundraising, advocacy and constituent relationship management software and services for nonprofit organizations. The company’s online marketing suite offers integrated software for fundraising, advocacy, events, e-mail marketing and Web content management.

Convio’s database system, Convio Common Ground CRM, helps organizations track and manage all interactions with supporters. All products are delivered through the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model and are backed by a portfolio of consulting and support services and a network of partners who provide value-added services and applications focused on the unique needs of nonprofit organizations.

Nonprofit organizations used Convio to process $777 million in online donations during 2008 — a 72 percent increase over 2007. Convio clients sent more than 3.1 billion emails to constituents during that period with an industry leading deliverability rate in excess of 95 percent. Charities of all types used Convio to power more than 3,500 Web domains as well as complete 44 million advocacy calls to action.

“The space provides our clients state-of-the-art meeting and training facilities so they can enjoy an out-of-the-office experience while developing their people and resources to better fulfill their missions,” Austin says. “It also offers a unique opportunity for clients and future clients to gain first-hand knowledge of Convio innovations, software, services and real world fundraising and donor management strategies.”

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4 Responses

Elizabeth Sanchez September 18th, 2009 at 8:53 am

I’m not clear on whether or not Convio is renting green meeting rooms or just letting its customers use them for free. That’s not quite clear. Maybe it’s just me. In any case, green office space is definitely gaining momentum. I hadn’t heard of Convio, probably because it’s not a serviced office space company. I’m still confused about the offering.

Marcus Hester September 18th, 2009 at 8:55 am

Is there a lot of competition for green office space for rent in Washington, D.C. I would think with the Obama eco-friendly talk we’d see more office spaces moving in the direction of green. Looks like Convio is modeling the way. It looks to me like they are letting their nonprofit clients use the meeting space for free.

Maggie Correta September 18th, 2009 at 12:52 pm

I think the article was pretty clear that Convio is opening up its green office space for free use by its nonprofit clients. That’s a magnanimous gesture, if you ask me. And the fact that Convio went the eco-friendly route is outstanding. They are helping to set the pace here. This looks, if anything, like it takes business away from local serviced office providers in Washington, D.C. who would have had to rent office space.

Bill Brookshire September 18th, 2009 at 12:54 pm

The green office space is a write off for Convio, yet it helps the company sell nonprofits on new products. It’s a pretty smart strategy, actually. Of course, all its clients don’t benefit, only the ones that operate out of Washington, D.C. or who visit D.C. Nonetheless, Convio is on board the green office bandwagon and it looks like they went all out.

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