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Mobile Workers May Welcome AlwaysOnPC

NEW YORK-Chances are you are hearing more and more about the mobile workforce—heck, you may even be a card-carrying member. If so, you probably have your antenna up for solutions that will help you keep business moving forward whether you are on the road, in a coworking facility or using your virtual office space.

I recently discovered a solution from Xform Computing that could help. It’s an app called AlwaysOnPC that offers mobile compatibility with the top online productivity Web sites. That means you can tap into business information from sites you need—like Microsoft Office 365, Quickbooks Online, Google Apps and Zoho—on the go using your iOS or Android-powered tablets.

Why is this important? More often, cloud-based services have built their offerings on Flash, Java script or applets, Silverlight, and even HTML5 features—and those technologies don’t always display correctly on iPad or Android devices. The AlwaysOnPC Mobile App aims to bridge this gap.

For example, using Chrome inside AlwaysOnPC users can perform tasks in Zoho, Office 365, or Google Docs that are often difficult or impossible on mobile apps and browsers: Create, upload or import documents and presentations from online storage or other Web repositories; use full editing features, including the ability to create, re-touch, insert and re-size images, graphics, tables and charts into documents or PowerPoint slides; and even copy and paste this rich content between apps, just like on a computer.

AlwaysOnPC also enables mobile collaboration: The Zoho Meeting web conferencing/screen-sharing solution relies on Flash and Java-applets and does not work on native mobile browsers. However with AlwaysOnPC, users can initiate and host Zoho Meetings from iPad, iPhone, or Android with participants on any device or computer. They can share their AlwaysOnPC screen to conduct presentations, demonstrations, webinars and more, and even delegate presenter controls to participants.

Similar mobile compatibility challenges face Office 365, Quickbooks Online, and even Google Apps such as Sites or Docs editing (especially PowerPoint presentations) which rely on desktop browser technology. In addition to unlocking the full productivity promise of these cloud-based services on mobile devices, AlwaysOnPC also includes the OpenOffice suite, Gimp image editor, InkScape illustration program and Dropbox access.

Have you used AlwaysOnPC? How does it work for you?

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