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What It’s Really Like to Work in Executive Office Suites

CINCINNATI—If you’ve never worked from executive office suites but are considering signing a lease with a serviced office space provider in your area, read on. We talked with Mary Hladio, president of Ember Carriers Leadership Group in Cincinnati, to get her first-hand experience working in executive office suites. What do you like about executive office suites?

Hladio: My office location offers convenient access to highways for clients and partners from all over and many people in the area are familiar with the building.  The Regus facility provides a great impression: visitors are greeted by a receptionist, the waiting room is comfortable and the meeting rooms are professional and well maintained with no effort required from me.  How could executive office suites providers better serve you?

Hladio: Different executive office suites provide different services, so it is hard to comment overall. Rarely do I have clients coming to the office, what I personally need is meeting room space for networking, project meetings and workshops. I find myself looking outside of my building for affordable space that I can rent because the pricing for meeting rooms can be expensive. What are the pros and cons of executive office suites?

Hladio: Overall the executive office suites providers offer a great service. Working from home is a great concept but it can means distractions (kids, laundry, TV, housework, neighbors).  And it blurs the line between the business and personal life.  You tend to work longer hours and it can be hard to switch it off.  When you don’t want to work out of home because of distractions or need a more professional appearance for your business, office suites work out well and in very little time, a business can be up and running.

If you are just starting out I would recommend looking into executive office suites.  If your business is stable and you are in growth mode or downsizing your overall footprint, I suggest researching leasing your own space. The bottom line is to understand your needs and how you use the office space.

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