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Metro Office Space 2

This is a second post that will break down 4 of the largest metropolitan commercial real estate markets by area. As you would expect some of the best executive office space in the US is in the large metropolitan statistical areas. The following is a list of some great office space in USA metro areas.

Chicago, IL

Arlington Heights

Washington, DC


San Diego, CA


San Francisco, CA

San Jose
San Mateo
Redwood City

Barrister Executive Suites, Pacific Business Centers and Premier Business Centers are but some of the great companies in the office business center that operate locations in the California area. Executive office space is a great alternative to traditional commercial office space with its flexible leases, telecommunications options and administrative services. Real estate is often a company’s second biggest expense line in addition to its employees. It’s time companies should begin to focus on how to better utilize space and manage it more efficiently. Between a desire for employees to have more time with family with less commute to the fact that most office space goes unused most of the time, aBetterOffice recommends that companies downsize their office space and distribute its workforce, using telecommunications and internet technologies to keep employees in touch.

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